It was fortunate to have the second leg of today’s tour at 2 pm with a chance for some down time at home between shows. Liberty Bell is twice as large as the morning’s school, and a school I hadn’t played as recently, but I’m ready for this one.

I was greeted by one of the arts teachers who initially booked me when it was Coopersburg ES, another school closed down in the community perhaps 20 years ago. He is active in the school district in musical theater department, and we shared our stories with our common experiences that have shaped our lives.

It was a bigger audience, but I’m glad I have the good stuff to work these shows. Yes, I guess I can finally call them “shows”. A ‘Show’ is somewhat poisonous to folk performers, but I’ve come to respect that a ‘show’ is a carefully considered creative endeavor, and a piece of art unto itself. A good show is a good show.

I had to deal with some faulty equipment before the show, and I was lucky to get to the stage early enough to deal with it. That’s why I try to get to the site an hour before hand. Traffic, personal stupidity, weather, carma, etc. I worked it out, but time to think about equipment updates. Drat.

Cat Came Back remains a really good time to play with the audience, expand the community experience and have fun. A wonderful performance piece, even after all these years.

Giants is another opportunity to play. The set up is fun and inclusive. The two kids on stage with the Thunder Tubes is an extra visual and audio performance extra.

All Around the Kitchen is becoming a very nice ending piece, and a good companion piece for the Knock Knock freeze dance that I have relied on. The input from the kids is really fresh, and calling up the teachers at the end is positively brilliant, if I don’t say so myself. It really breaks the separation between the kids and the teachers, sharing dance moves with the whole of the community. This is where the barriers melt away in this school community. This is the point I get paid in full. Really.

This is the one that was paid by check, so it felt especially nice at the end.

I am beat and return to Godfrey’s. Steve Forbert is in the house tonight. Too much for one very full and creative day.