I wish my booking schedule was always this good -a Friday doubleheader a mere 15 miles away. One gig paid in advance and the other with a check in hand. That’s cool.

The first gig was at Lower Milford ES, a wonderful school in my old haunts outside of Limeport. In fact, I got to wear my Limeport Stadium shirt for the day. I have played here three years ago, and relished returning to this very cozy and warm community. The teachers have been really supportive, using my music in their classrooms. So, the pump was primed.

Lower Milford is a school scheduled to be closed up after next year due to budget wars. The very thing that makes it a great school community is its small size, and therefore a target for consolidation. Drat. These teachers and kids have spent many years together and they know each other. Double drat.

The show in the gym was really cool. A beautiful day saluting the kids’ reading hundreds of books, a nice drive through rural PA in the spring, cool kids and teachers and a check in the bank two months ago.

One teacher even primed her kids to buy some CD’s after the show. I sell so few CD’s nowadays, especially in schools, so I was really amazed to sign and sell Playground to these kids. This is really different.

The school wants me back for their final blowout next spring. I’m there.