I picked up a last minute gig on Friday for a Saturday picnic at a relatively large, progressive charter school in the hills west of Allentown. As I pulled up, there were families spread out over the hillside outside of the school, kids running around, kites flying, jugglers, etc. I set up my chair, got out my bag o’ instruments and started in. Immediately, kids started flocking over. with curious parents tagging along.

I did it acoustically which was fine for the situation. I was only a speck on the canvas, and that was fine with me. I was able to engage kids for about an hour, but, as it is with these events, kids drifted off for food, other activities and trips back home. I was glad I could add some creative energy to the affair, and glad I could pick up some extra cash. Have guitar, will travel.

I headed off to my scheduled set at the Saucon Creek Arts Festival at 4 pm.