Godfrey’s provided our usual assortment of acoustic musicians for the inaugural of this fairly classy fine arts festival at the Heller farm in Hellertown on Saturday. Mike Holliday, Dave Reber, Bill Schachter, Mike Duck and others did sets early and performed at the end at 4 pm. I was responsible for the sound, so set up at 9 am and headed off to two other ‘gigs’. When I got back, this were winding down, but was able to attract a few folks, including a family with a mentally handicapped woman, as well as some moms and their two precocious girls.

I was fairly whipped from the long day, but looked forward to sitting down and playing music. The young woman had a great time, especially during I Want to be a Dog; she roared in laughter.

The two young girls took up dancing on the sidewalk, interpreting the music, and, of course, became a focal point for the folks sitting around on the lawn. They were great to work with and work off of and made the occasion particularly wonderful for us all.

I loaded up all the equipment with some help from my friend David Sloan and snuck back to my apartment, running on fumes. A long day, but a productive one.