Another gig from my son’s connection at Moravian. It was supposed to be outside but the weather didn’t quite get warm enough so it was in the students center next to the cafeteria. There was a mix of students, some professors and some vendors. I was lucky that some kids, parents and grandparents showed up, so I broke out my bag of rhythm instruments and we jammed. That made for some good interactions from some of the students watching our play, but other than that, I was fairly ignored. No problem.

Afterwards, I chatted with Dan, one of the FM and Moravian food staff who is a farmer himself, trying to establish himself with some artisan culinary efforts, such as organic lamb and goat, with interest from some high end NYC eateries in pigeon and rabbit raising. It was nice to talk about his insistence on locally grown, high quality ingredients. I think we connected on that level, and my efforts to produce my music along the same lines.

It was a good gig, and the folks said that having the kids and families coming to the farmers’ market was quite a good improvement today. I guess some of the publicity and FaceBook postings made a difference.