This was another pleasant one setter at a nice Catholic school north of Trenton. It was for the K through 8th grades so it was a broad range of ages, but the show has something for everybody. The little kids get to see a live band and get up and dance. The older kids get the history lessons and get up and dance (kinda….).

The music teacher came up beforehand and said that she was working with the 7th and 8th grades on the history of American music, so she was excited to have us part of her curriculum. I noticed those kids taking notes during the show, that was particularly gratifying. At the end she came up glowing, saying that it was a perfect event for her kids. That’s really nice.

The band played well, as usual, and the school, the teachers and the kids loved it.

Three hours on the road with the hour and half at the school. Back in Bethlehem by 12:30 pm. A good gig.