I got the ole OM urge tonight and wanted to support Earl Andrew’s OM at the Whitehall Library. It’s been a while, and really wanted to play. As I got there, I was one of two folks signed up, so I led off. I was looking to play some tunes I haven’t played since the great Holiday season. I broke out July, Green Green Rocky Road and others as some friends of Bob came in to support him. I enjoy surprising people so it was a gas to do a bunch of my strong songs, engage in conversation, talk about my musical experiences. 


Bob did a nice four song set of Paul Simon tunes, an original or two. 


Since there was nobody else at this point, I was asked, needing little encouragement, to come up and do another set. At this point a little girl, a future songwriter, I hear, was in the audience and was a good foil, especially being shy to start out with. I did Shee Beg, Don’t Call Me Early, Pay Bo Diddley, I Wanna be a Dog, and, bit by bit, the girl loosened up and started talking about her cat. I figured I’d finish with The Cat Came Back, and as we worked through the song, she started to come up with anecdotes about her cat and it became a performance piece unto itself. We’d sing a verse and then she would gleefully tell a story about what the cat did. It was quite an electric event, having her take the stage, and then I would play a verse. We were ‘dancing’, passing the lead back and forth, and the room full of adults got to see us play. 


Yes, I enjoyed playing a couple of sets in front of a new audience, and I really was glad to add to the reputation of my friends’ community series. There were some photos taken that will make it into the local paper on Thursday, and I’m glad I can help get some press for these folks. 


l got to play.