I got a relatively last minute gig from a day care in a Lutheran church in Nazareth. Thinking that there would be lots of kids on a working holiday, they asked me to come in for a morning session. I set up in the fellowship hall, no sound and waited for the kids to come up and for the room to heat up. 


It was a good group of toddlers and some older kids, too, so it was a good mix of intelligences to work with. The older kids got the message to participate and have fun and the youngun’s kind of watched the man with the guitar. That’s to be expected. 


I rolled through (I hate to say it…) my standard, powerhouse material, so we danced, made up rhymes, played shakers, etc. It was lots of fun. 


It’s actually nice to know I have ‘standards’ to use with the kids – tunes that I know will work, but still feature elements of improvisation, interaction, movement and fun. I get to play guitar, too. 


It was also nice to pick up a nearby gig on a quite Monday in January. The check goes in when the banks open tomorrow.