It’s been quite a dry spell for the band this year so I was tickled to gather the lads for a 9:15 am assembly in Drexel Hill, PA, a suburb of Philly. Aronamink ES, with 300 K – 5th grade, in a nice neighborhood with large grounds. 


We loaded in close to the gym/stage area, which is always nice. The PTA ladies, the office staff and the teachers were all quite friendly, and the kids were fun and respectful. We put on a good show, and for the most part, we rolled through the show. 


We hadn’t done the show since November, so I was glad that the routine is genetically embedded and went very smoothly. I had one point where some doubt flashed through my mind, but it turned out fine. Funny though.


The school loved the show and the principal actually asked if I had a flyer for the kids to buy my CD’s. That’s rare in these days, so I sent off a flyer when I got back. 


I working on some booking kerfuffles with the band. Kevin’s pushing for a raise for the players, and I’m all for that, but Young Audiences takes a large chunk. Up till now, it’s been okay due to the large amount of work we’ve been getting. But times are tougher. So, in order to satisfy the band’s demands, I will have to take that chunk out of my portion as player/leader/originator. And, coupled with my relative sparse schedule and grand obligations to my son’s tuition, it’s a hard row to hoe. 


I take heart in the quality of the program and the opportunity to perform for a living.