We had a double header at a catholic school north of Philly, part of Catholic Schools Week, normally a busy time for us, absorbing those good Catholic school arts dollars once a year at this time. 


We did our usual good job, though I was in the midst of coming down with a cold. Not much comfortable sleep the night before and an early rise and travel. But, the lads provide me much cover and we did two good shows. 


Donnie Mayer, our guitarist, is coming to the end of this gig, with his eventual move to Florida. He’s been a real trooper, a true professional over many years. A great player, lead guitarist (always interesting and different) and willing to show up at so many early mornings in somewhere NJ. That’s the real deal. I will miss his irascible nature and his fine musical skills. He is a professional and that’s as good as it gets.