This was a reprise of the first DNO that was such a success. Dick Boak, my good friend from wayback and Craig Thatcher, another good friend from not so far back, joined me on stage for a delightful evening of banter, tunes, Martin history and song. 


We started off with Fishing Blues and I introduced Craig and Dick. Dick told his stories of his introduction to C. F. Martin, complete with his Dutchy accent. As Craig noted, only in this venue could people appreciate his Dutchifying. And that set the stage for a very relaxed evening of chat and tunes.


Dick did several tunes on the autoharp, also promoting his new CD. He was a proud papa and rightfully so. Craig chimed in with his thoughts on open tunings, fingerpicking. I played a Jimmie Rodgers song ‘Mother, Queen of my Heart’ on the Jimmie Rodgers guitar Dick had brought with him from the museum. We all had a chance to crow about Martin Guitars. 


I was glad that my son Jaimie came over with two of his college friends. He’s started dabbling in guitar, working on Here Comes the Sun. His friends were impressed with Craig. Hmmph.  So it goes. 


There were many, many magical moments, and there was a good, receptive crowd on hand. We ended up going on for two hours (time disappears when you’re having fun), and it was hard to pull it to a stop. Great guitar talk, cool tunes, lots of fingerpicking chops, and much ‘slapping on the back’ from each of us. It was a good evening all around.


Again, I am blessed to have such wonderful artists as friends, and to be able to share the stage with them at Godfrey’s. It’s a good thing.