A strange and wonderful gig today at the new Moravian Farmers’ Market on the college campus. It was the inauguration of a community outreach program and project that my son Jaimie was involved with as a school intern. 


I was to play for two hours in the Hub, the student center, with various vendors of cheeses, eggs pastries, and popcorn. There was some traffic through the building, including several folks I know tangentially (professors, coaches, an ex and her boyfriend, etc.) so it was a mixed affair. My kind of crowd. 


Several students hung out and enjoyed my esoteric repertoire, especially the Celtic stuff. I had a chance to do some material I haven’t had the chance to play in a while. But, my voice was not up to snuff with the onslaught of a cold. It was a chore, to say the least, and I feel uncomfortable when I’m not at my best, especially vocally.


I enjoyed seeing Jaimie in his element, doing his job, anticipating problems, smoothing the path for the event. Even several vendors I know from other markets commented on how good he was in his collaboration in the event. And several faculty members came up to say what a good kid he was.  I was a proud papa. 


Jaimie said people raved about my performance. I guess that proves the old adage, ‘you can fool some of the people some of the time….’ I was glad I could help him with this project by providing professional music. I’ve also passed on some of my musician friends for future gigs. Double bonus.


It was a very tough gig in that Kim and Gene also showed up, hung out for a long time, and made no eye contact. I was invisible. Amazing, but to be expected. I did get to play Edge of Night (a particularly apt song), initially thinking they were gone, but perhaps they were still in the arena. I played it well and meant it. 


I am far from over this divorce and the inevitable feedback of living with these folks in my community life. Yes, it is up to me to deal with it, but it remains a very steep hill to climb.


I bagged the trip to CT for Friday night and a kitchen set with Ron and friends. Early to bed to nurse this cold and see about tomorrow’s trip for Gil’s celebration.