I would not have missed this one for the world. It was a gathering of all my friends in the CT folk scene to celebrate the life of Gil Dube, a true folksinger that I met while in CT during the last decade. He was an elder statesman on the folk scene, having written songs and poetry over his many, many years. 


I did Lessons from Pete for my contribution, and mentioned how Gil had grounded me upon my arrival on the CT scene. I had come in with a chip on my shoulder, as a professional folksinger, trying to prove myself to this new CT crowd. But then, I found that Gil had been writing and playing his songs for years, songs from his very heart. I felt that I was a mere poser in his shadow. Sure, I had performance chops, but he was at the very essence of folk music. It was a good lesson, and one that is described in the Pete song.


My voice was shot from this cold and the two hour gig yesterday. It was a noble effort on my part, though lacking in artistic merit. But I was thrilled to be in front of all these friends and folk musicians in CT once again. 


Here was all my good friends from the CT scene that had sustained me in my banishment from PA, who provided me with kinship through folk music during my ten years there. Ron, Rick, Patti, Cece, Ruth, Ann, Stan, Eric, Nat, Pete, Kent, Nina, Danielle and many more. I wish I had the time and the voice to reconnect with them all. Lots of hugs and firm hand shakes around.


I was glad that I could scoop up Rosalie on my way up there and have her on hand. She got to witness the fellowship that flows from this folk scene. It’s part of this legacy thing I cherish now a days, and it’s worth passing on to her. 


It was a eight hour trip up and back, plus the two hour gig at LaSalle’s, but it was worth every moment, in actuality and in reflection. It was so good.