I had a kids’ gig today near the Smithy building in the Historic Bethlehem District as part of their Harvest Festival. The morning was rainy and the early afternoon was cloudy with a fine mist coming down during my two hour set. At times, it was too much for my guitar so I had to pick my spots. The rain kept the attendance down so I really had no one to play for. 


I was situated with the animal petting folks, the clown ladies doing face painting and the pumpkin painting. I’m getting used to holding down my part in these gigs while my contemporaries are getting the main stage gigs with their bands. Kind of frustrating, knowing I can do those gigs as well. But, I get paid for what I do. 


I had some nice interaction with two girls who know me from the local school, so they came up and did Giants with me. The moms posted pix on FB, but their was essentially no other interaction.