I’ve done several gigs at this nice retirement facility in Nazareth, but this was a new venture outside on a courtyard patio in the evening. The recreation folks put on a great event with a fire, smores, hot cider, spooky tales and music be me. Folk gathered around 6:30 and I launched into my ‘elder’ songs, not quite the sing-alongs that most folks expect, but songs that engage. I did Hank Williams, some early R&R tunes, some folk songs and provided a nice background for chatter, marshmallow roasting. It was nice to have the staff bopping around, providing some positive energy to the event. As my hour wound down, I took center stage and did ‘Giants’ passing out the Thundertubes to two folks. The rest of the crowd did the spooky noises, and the Thundertubes filled in the rest. It was just what was needed; a little show, some audience involvement and some humor. I finished with God Bless America and Magic Penny with everyone singing together. It was a good gig.