I had the opportunity to travel to a nice family festival north of Wilmington, DE at an expansive farm. Lots of families, horse rides, pumpkins, food and music put together by an old friend Todd Denton. Nice stage, good sound and people to play to. I followed an Irish trio and a fine trio of women (Driven Women) followed me. It was good to be asked to provide some kids friendly music in between. 


A stiff wind on a beautiful fall day, so my fingers and my throat got dry, but families settled in on the bales of hay. I set out the bag o’ instruments and set to my work. It was nice to play this festival for the first time so I could use all my good stuff up front. Kids dancing, parents smiling.


I did ‘Jelly in the Dish’ early on and I noticed, after finishing it up, the folks at the booth next to the stage giving me thumbs up. After the set, I wandered over to say hello and noticed that they were selling vegetarian scrapple. No wonder that they loved ‘Jelly’ with its obvious reference to scrapple. I had a sample – not too shabby – and told them it was about time someone came up with this delight.  There’s always a surprise that comes out of nowhere, and I relish each one.  


Long drive down and back to the Lehigh Valley, but beats staying at home.