I wound up a full day of music with three songs at Godfrey’s Open Mike. I did Rodeo Rider just to play a sensitive song and one I need work on for Steppin’ Out! in Nov. Pretty much nailed after several recent mind-fumbles in the last week. I followed with Golden Bird, a Happy and Artie Traum song from 40 years ago. I recently screwed this one up so it was nice to do it correctly. I finished with Zombie Jamboree since it’s on the hot list recently. It was seemless and that’s good. 


A good finish to a busy day. 

So, feeling my oats and taking in a nap, I signed up for Godfrey’s Open Mike with a slot in the middle of the pack. Jesse Grim called me up early for Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette and it was treat to sit in on a cool swing tune we used to do with Pavlov’s Dawgs. I hadn’t play guitar on this one so it was fun to back up my good friend on this tune. Some things are genetic at this point. 


I led off my two song set with Edge of Night, a country heart-break tune that I have had some difficulty in pulling off, especially with setting up the first couple of lines. Since I’ve had some less-than-well-attended gigs recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work on this tune. And tonight, it came together for the first time in front of a listening audience.  Good. I did my homework. It seemed to hit home. I did mention Merle Haggard in my intro and how Country has ‘heart break’ down. I invited folks to supply their own pedal steel break in the middle, and it was a good device, with some folks adding some ‘hmmms’ audibly. That was cool and quite unexpected. 


I followed suit with Jesse’s Smoke with Smokin’ Babies, with a prod from Mike Holliday. I don’t get to play this a whole bunch but it has following at this Open Mike. There were folks singing along early and often, so that was a pleasant surprise. Home court, I guess. 


I remain amazed with this phenomenon at Godfrey’s and its Open Mike, in particular. Such a gathering of old and new folks putting their good stuff on this stage. I really sweat when I’m in this situation, and I’m so much better for each experience.