I was asked to put together an old-time country music band for a wedding reception on a farm near Hosensack, PA for a couple in their 40’s. They asked for a laid back group to play some bluegrass and country in a tent. I can do that. 


I asked Kris and Julie Kehr to help out and they asked a friend Dave to sit in. I was prepared to set up a sound system but, after a discussion with the bride, we figured we would do it acoustically, with only about 50 people attending. It was a good move. First, I was glad not to set up my system (that’s work). Second, the music was not overbearing for the crowd and set a nice background for friends and family to talk and enjoy the great food. 


I dug out some of my old country stuff like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, Kris and Julie did some fine country harmony songs and Dave played mando, guitar and dobro. I threw in some of my Motown and R&R songs to mix it up.  We were told that we were well received and that folks had a good time. Again, its not a stage situation so applause is not the guiding factor. 


It turned out to be a nice afternoon, especially since the weather forecast called for rain all day. The rain left early but also brought a cool wind and breezy change in the weather. It got cold when the sun went down. We played a few tunes as folks gathered around a bonfire, thanked folks for having us at the reception. 


A good gig for all of us, low pressure but we were the right band for the occasion. That’s what it’s all about.