I signed up for a 1 pm set on the farm and it was good weather, though windy. I set up on the bank in front of the barn – a place I’ve played before with some protection from the wind. The folks set up bales of hay for me and I set it to play for the few folks walking around the site. One mom with her 17 month-old stopped by and Levi took it all in. 


He first stopped in his tracks and looked at me, listened to the music and tried to figure it all out. These moments are electric for me, as we both feel each other out. It must be quite the experience for a child to experience live music at such an immediate situation, and I drink it all in. 


He eventually picked up a small maraca, and with some guidance from mom, started to find the rhythm and join in. So, in the course of 20 minutes, we connected musically. It was cool that mom took time to encourage and enjoy her son’s exploration. 


Dave Reber joined in on hammered dulcimer, and, since it was fairly sparse, we had no pressure to ‘perform’. I backed him on some tunes and I offered him space in some of my songs. He got the opportunity to experiment on his instrument in keys he doesn’t often play in. I think he enjoyed the opportunity.


The farm folks really appreciate the music we bring to these events, and I appreciate the chance to play for folks in this kind of situation. 


Lots of flies today. Lots of flies.