A glutton for punishment, I head out the Andy Killcoyne’s Jam to play a couple tunes at a bar. I got there just as it started so I got a late slot. I did enjoy being in the room for all the other players, some doing fine material. 


I finally got on around 10:30 with most folks gone, but I launched into Don’t Call Me Early, followed with Rodeo Rider and ended up with Zombie Jamboree. Don’t Call Me Early is a good establishing song, with a strong presentation and fat guitar. I decided to do Rodeo Rider, a much more subtle tune, but strong words that mean a lot to me. It worked well, and folks listened. 


The guy after me mentioned earlier that he had heard, for the first time today, Zombie Jamboree by Harry Belefonte. I told him I had that 45 record – and I had to repeat that I had recorded that song on a 45. Oh…. Anyway, I nailed it, and Andy had a good time playing along with it, without practice. 


A foggy drive back to Bethlehem from the banks of the Delaware. I’m glad there were no deer bounding out of the woods. A good ending to a long day.