I signed up for one Sunday a month at this fine vegan restaurant, and today was the day – part one of three opportunities to play today. There was a foot race, a half marathon, on the Southside, so there was lots of traffic, though few folks in the restaurant. There were mostly single diners, including one gent who had just finished the race. 


I play acoustically here and that’s nice. Nice wood floors and ceiling, and I’m in the window display area (formerly a department store) so it sound great in that space. I do play softer with folks eating, but I do get to stretch some songs, work on tunes I’m less familiar with. 


Esther, the waitress and Wendi, the cook/proprietor enjoy the music and made some nice comments. 


I felt that I was sloppy though, with many flubs in the lyric department. So, I have work to do on my stuff. A healthy opportunity to find where I have to work and not feel I’ve always got it down. A dose of humility is a good thing. 


Pack up, gather a free vegan meal to go, a $10 tip and off to my farm gig at 2:30 pm.