Again, a wonderful evening with two fine musicians and next to no audience. The good part was sharing the stage with Fionna and Sean Hennessey from Blackwater, the area’s finest Celtic band. Brother and sister, guitar and flute with stellar genetic harmonies and a wealth of Irish history between them. WE had a good time together and will do it again. 


Over the course of the night, we talked about Celtic traditions, fiddle tunes, crazy gigs, open tunings, the aural tradition, 300 year-old flutes, family musical history, parlor and pub music and more. The best part was sitting between these two siblings as they sang ballads in exquisite harmony. Bliss in stereo. I felt like a member of the Hennessey family after the hour and three quarters. Great chat and intelligent discussion. Extremely good entertainment.


Unfortunately, there were four paid audience members plus three staff in the house. It is very frustrating to know what amazing evenings these DNO’s are, on an amazingly consistent basis, and not have support from the Godfrey’s and greater Lehigh Valley arts scene. I’m starting to take it personally. 


It seems to me that I am taken for granted as an artist/presenter, that I have nothing new to offer, that I’m a fine children’s performer, yeah, we’ve seen him at Musikfest… etc. I have had no audience for my adult shows at Godfrey’s, small audiences for these DNO programs,and, by extension, I feel I’m not recognized as a contributing and active artist. I just know I’m at the top of my game, not only as a player, but as an interviewer/host. I have so much to offer to the folk tradition in these roles, but there is absolutely no traction.


Again, all that attended (especially the guest musicians, and that counts big time for me) were saying it was great, electric, stimulating, fun and more, but no one knows, in spite of a great monthly poster, radio spots and phenomenal guests. Fans of the artists don’t even show up, much less open mikers, Godfrey’s regulars, etc. 


It’s hard to reconcile the high quality of the experience, the unique format and the excellence of the music with no support from the community. I am left to celebrate the fellowship of my friends on stage, the good music we create in the moment and the joy of stimulating intellectual conversation. That’s no small takeaway. 


We try again next month with Moe Jerant and Dina Hall. I know it will be an intoxicating experience.