I enjoy returning to Brookside CC for these family events. I have done the Christmas brunch for years, but recently have picked up these Halloween gigs. It’s built for the kids, but the parents and grandparents make for a good family audience. The kids are dressed up in costumes, the food is really well presented, with all the spooky names, plus hay rides, pumpkin decorating and caramel apple dipping. Oh, and me.


The kids dive into the bag of instruments and off we go, dancing along to the songs and playing instruments. The grandparents, in particular, really enjoy watching the children loosen up, especially the toddlers. One really young girl simply giggled with joy and that was something we could share in the moment. 


I really appreciate these gigs, not only because of the generous pay, but especially because of the good nature of the staff, the families and the kids. I look forward to the Christmas brunches in December. 


Not too many gigs these days, so its good to have a fat one like this one.