I am exhausted from the Philly weekend and, today, picked up some pieces of intensive work to bring me back to earth. I had a GD radio show and a Lehigh University Art Workshop on Tuesday to give me some artistic grounding in my own community. I needed the work and the focus.


A good friend Silagh White brought down her LU class on Arts Awareness for a workshop, part of a tour of Martin Guitar, Godfrey’s and the Allentown Art Museum. That’s a pretty intense tour.


My friend and fellow performer Mike Duck did a workshop with these seven or so new LU students. We tried to introduce them to group skills, arts awareness, some social interaction skills and more. I worked these kids hard and challenged them unmercifully. It was a really good session of interaction, a lot garnered from the many sessions I’ve done with other arts organizations. I think the kids got it.


It was another intense Teaching Artist session, and one I think was valuable, once the kids recover. Songwriting, collaboration, speak-out-loud risk-taking, and so much more.


Hard work that LU paid us for. Cool.