I was privileged to share the rest of the festival with Dina Hall, my friend and first Fester. We roved around the grounds, running into friends, musicians and heroes, and was glad to be able to introduce Dina to this quilt of the Philly Folk scene. I’m sure it was somewhat overwhelming for her, but she brought watermelon chunks and a killer peach pie to share with me. Thanks, Gail!


We trolled the different stages, the back stage, the crafts and food. It was a pleasure to share the day, talk local music scene smack, appreciate some great acts and what makes them great, the whole scene. And I get to share some of my history at this magic space with a good friend.


It was nice to take time with so many familiar faces through out the day. I am no folk music star, but I enjoy the company of the good friends in the biz. Regional folks taking care of their local music. Fat conversations and interactions with intelligent people. Intoxicating, actually.


more to follow…..