I got a cart ride from the Tank to the Lobby Stage in time for a set at 12:20 (or so). I was part of a quartet of folk/kids/family acts presented by Kathy O’Connell of WXPN’s Kids’ Corner. I’ve had some air play, thanks to Kathy, with an interview with Ansel and myself broadcasted in Philly. So, I was tickled to be asked…. a pretty good deal.


Families were spread out on the floor of this big dance tent, so it was a pretty nice situation for a kids’ concert. Again, great sound and stage. I followed a pretty tame local kids’ singer, complete with year-old kid on her hip, doing kids music. Wholesome, yes.


Uh, oh, here comes Dave. I was glad to roll out four songs and try to create some energy, in my own inimitable style. I passed out noses to the dads, cranked up Peanut Butter and invited the kids to get out the instruments and jam. Yes. We are going to mix it up.


We did Peanut Butter and sang that thang. Nice rock and roll kick off. I then introduced the ‘Super Star’ to emphasize the physicality of the situation.


I put the guitar down and hit ‘Tutti Tah’, encouraging the parents to join in, which they did (and should, since its a folk festival). a great ice breaker. And sealed it with a ‘Super Star’.


Kathy asked me to do Giants, since she’s giving it fine air play (I guess..). I invited a young brother and sister to come up for Thunder Tube, and, again, it was great theater, on so many levels, from the kids. The little sister got crazy!


I finished with the Knock Knock Freeze dance, and, yes, humorously corny, still its a great vehicle to establish some back and forth with a dancing,reacting audience that is really satisfying to me as an artist, and as a folk experience for families.


The rest of the show was followed by two interesting kids’ acts that were curious by their level of performance skills. The first was a band that was fairly average and the second by a professional and smooth popular Philly icon who aimed his hits to the parents first. He is very good, and I appreciate his skill. It’s just different than my approach.


Dina showed up in time to miss my set. To be continued.