I was in a nice tent situation today, and it was a beautiful day with a great sound system. The crowd was sparse on the fair grounds, but I had some good folks to work with, some families, a couple of grand moms with grand kids (that’s the best combo), and some assorted curious folks in the back.


I played some old stuff – Bear Hunt, Peanut Butter, I Wanna be a Dog, but got to do new stuff, too. Jelly in the Dish, Skip to My Lou, and others off the new album.


My Mayfair gig brings out two wonderful and familiar faces every year, Prof. Benner and his wife. I took engineering courses from him in ~1972 or 1973 at Lehigh. He’s one of my professors who have followed my strange and curious trip from my Lehigh days as a student to the performer I am today. When they are in the audience, I have a special stake in performing well. I guess I’m still thinking he’s grading me, though I sense his pride in how I’ve gone on to do what I love.


They liked the part about puttin’ your finger in your nose. They said they liked the naughty stuff.


Another good set with a big set list of material I can call up in a festival situation. Tomorrow another kids set and then the Godfrey’s evening.