I had a Friday afternoon set inside on the Cafe’ Stage on what was, ostensibly, School Day at the Festival. It was pretty empty today. Seems all the Allentown schools had to deal with making up snow days from the winter and spring. Everybody was in school. Drat.


Last year was a near riot with lots of kids let loose in front of the stage, and I had to go into dance concert performance, get ’em up and keep ’em up. It was cool but challenging.


Today, a few moms and dads and kids. There were a couple of older autistic young men with their moms, and they were great – dancing and singing, making requests for The Ants Go Marching In and The Cat Came Back and having a good time. It was particularly satisfying to play to them and with them in a less crowded situation so we could have some fun.


Too bad the schools missed an arts-filled situation at Mayfair. Double Drat!


Tomorrow, another family set outside.