I had a family gig at Dorney Park for a fun night for a local school. There’s a section set off from the larger park, filled with food, amusements, several pavilions and a set of music from me. There were a few kids and families that made it up to my set. You just can’t beat an amusement park to compete with for an audience. Most of the kids and families were scattered about the place, so I struggled to hold the kids I did.


I did a school TV show on Friday to promote, and it did some good. Kids were coming up and asking for “I Want to be a Dog”, so it did some good. That didn’t mean those kids stuck around for the song half way through my set. So it goes.


The best part was not hitting anybody as I drove my car up to the pavilion and then back out of the park. The security guys were really cooperative and I gave a couple of CD’s as tips for their help.


It didn’t thunderstorm like it was supposed to do, so kids had fun and I had a good payday.