I had another family set of music in the Discovery Tent mid afternoon. A beautiful day with temperate temps and lots of sun. It was a mixed crowd of adults and kids, so I had to start from scratch, enticing kids to come up while playing some adult-friendly songs to keep folks in the tent. It’s also hard to get folks to move up front in a long tent. Committing to folk music is a dangerous thang.


I did a couple of tunes I haven’t done in a while, and I was glad I brought my mandolin to make me play some of them. Lost a verse or two but only I know (I hope…).


Yes, several more comments of ‘my children used to come hear you sing and now they are ….pick an age… Sheesh. It’s becoming a running joke for me, so that’s good for me.


One mom (grandmom) was there with her grownup son (with a kid) and rolled out the old story, about how he came up on stage to sing Peanut Butter. Cute.


So, as I was playing this one today, I invited him, now a dad, to come up and recreate that moment. His reaction was swift and negative. Cool.


Anyway, a good show with good folks, new and old friends.


Tonight is the big one, though.