The start of a long day, ironically close to home, with a RockRoots at St. Jane’s school in Easton at 9 am. We were in the sanctuary in the basement of the school with about 500 K – 8th graders stretched out before us in pews with various pillars thrown in to obscure various members of the band.


The kids were stoked and were a little hard to quiet down on the far edges. Understandable, though, due to some tough sight lines and the various age differences.


We did well, though. Kevin, who booked this gig, was a little testy, seeing how it was ‘his’ gig, and the fact we had a serious run-in at the last one in Kevin’s local school community. He asked me to control my ‘sarcasm’ as we were setting up after I made a drummer joke (with three of us in the room). I was somewhat taken aback with his tightness. I’ll grant that have that wise-ass streak, but I know that I will tame it, avoid it during the live show.


I’ve gotten better, thanks to Kevin’s different performance sensibilities, at running the ‘show’, not take too many creative leaps in my chatter and engagement talents (a large part of our success). Let the show speak for itself.


We often have some tough grades (7th, 8th) that don’t quite get the atmosphere I’m trying to establish, are confused with the strange music on stage, and watching four old guys playing old songs. These are the times I appreciate that the show is strong on it’s own merits, the kids do come around and enjoy it, though not as responsively as I would like, and strive for. That’s when I chauk it up to the age and social norms of that group.


shut up and play…… perhaps the most common phrase in my circle of friends.


Though its a gig close to home for a change, I’m off to pick Rosalie in CT, adding a five hour drive to the day. Later, an important set at Godfrey’s 38th B’day. A long day.