A fairly uneventful drive to Philly tonight to meet up with Ansel at CHOP for another round of hospital visits with kids and their families. We were led by a Musicians on Call volunteer on one floor of the hospital. (Often its several wards on several floors, and sometimes in the emergency ward.) The volunteer checks in with the folk in each room and asks if they would like some music. We got quite a few passes tonight due naps, headaches, etc. so we respect those decisions.


Tonight featured playing for several babies with moms singing along to their child. Several teens, tweens that really enjoyed the tunes, especially Giants. At one point a mom teared up while were playing that song, simply because of how good we sounded and that we were doing what we were doing. One kid sang along with Peanut Butter and was singing it as we left the room.


It is an intense gig, especially when we aim at the kids and they soak up the attention. But that is what it is all about anyway. Ansel continues to amp his music up when called on for his solo and musically we really nail it. I’m proud to have him as a friend and musical brother.


Tomorrow, RockRoots in nearby Easton, but a long drive to pick up Rosalie in CT for her visit back in PA for Godfrey’s 38th Birthday on Friday.