Friday evening was the annual Birthday Bash at Godfrey’s where I do the opening set for the evening in front of a wonderful crowd of Godfrey’s true friends and supporters. My daughter Rosalie was also there so it was going to be a good evening.


The main act was Tumbling Bones, a young and talented quartet of old time musicians with great three-part harmonies and an obvious respect for the folk tradition. They impressed everyone in the crowd, most of whom hadn’t heard them before. A good choice for the evening.


I started out with ‘Don’t Call Me Early in the Morning’, a strong song that engages the audience’s voice early on. It worked well, though I asked the audience to give me an obscene gesture during the chorus, but most didn’t rise to the bait. Understandable, but I was hoping for more. I followed with ‘It’ll be Me’, a slower blues number with nice lyrics.


I brought out ‘Lessons from Pete’ and did fairly well with it, though I had a few chordal bumps (noticeable to none but me). The folks really appreciated it, especially with the new photo of Pete next to the stage. It was also the perfect crowd to play it for. It’s still not down pat but I liked that I can pull it off if I have to.


I finished up with ‘Here Comes the Sun’, the first song played at the club 38 years ago and I did nail this one, with the crowd singing along. It was a short set but a good one.


The house was filled with lotsa love for the club and respect for me as well. Amazing run of performers and audiences over 38 years.