I was asked to open up the Hank Tribute show at Godfrey’s tonight with Jack Murray and a new voice Brad Hinton. I did this last year with a full set, but tonight was a merciful two song set. (Been on the job too long this week.)


To celebrate I did two non- Hank songs. I did Jimmie Rodger’s Mother, Queen of My Heart, a wonderful and sentimental waltz with, gasp, a yodel. I’m actually able to hit the notes. I followed with Mike Henderson’s Edge of Night, one I’ve been working on that resonates with my recent divorce and subsequent turmoil with Kim moving in with Gene. It’s a slower country tune with some interesting chord quirks and it simply hits the nail on the head lyrically and its good to be able to sing it with full-tilt emotion. “Her memory never ceases to cut my heart to pieces on the edge of night”. That’s somewhat outside my normal comfort level of performance.