New Years’ Eve is First Night at Godfrey’s for the last several years, booked as Three Generations of Homegrown Godfrey’s. Guess who’s the old generation??


I started with a kids’ show at 7 pm with only two real kids in the audience and several older couples on the outskirts of the room. No matter. Sara, a precocious girls who’s been to several resent shows danced and reacted as before, and the adults got a kick out of her. A younger girl was sitting with her aunt and was shy, but started to laugh out loud (to the delight of all) and eventually got up to dance, encouraged by Sara’s dancing. But the end, they were doing interpretive movement to everything. It was good.


We took a break and set up a round-robin situation with Dina Hall on my left and Matt Kay on my right. We decided to fore go the individual sets and passed the baton, so to speak, doing two songs each.


Matt is really good, and is a strong songwriter, singer yet repectful of the tradition and Dina continues get better and better, and more comfortable on stage. I got lots of time to noodle on mandolin.


I served up Santa Assassin, Don’t Call Me Early, Barnyard Dance, Voodoo Chile, Here Comes the Sun and some others I forget…. The night was good entertainment amongst three good players, and it is so nice to play New Years Eve close to home in this venue.


Happy New Year.