Continuing the rash of end-of-the-year gigs with a rare Monday gig for the Peeps Fest at Arts Quest this morning. I had two sets at 10 am and 12 noon in the Commons area at AQ, very much like a mall, with folks moving through to a plethora of activities for this two day family exposition.


I split sets with a magician and we had to work pretty hard to maintain focus and interaction with kids, families, etc. There is a difference in my show and a magicians, of course. I have to baffle them with rhythm instruments, dance tempos, wry humor for the folks, etc. But, the second show had some familiar faces ready to take it in, and I got to stretch into my Playground material, play some stuff that is still developing its stage legs.


The site features no lighting, sound consisting of mall speakers (not help locate the sound on the stage), seating at tables, etc. I took upon myself to put extra chairs up front, which worked for the first set. The second set, I inherited families eating lunch at the tables and no seats up front.


I’m still amazed at families who lurk in back, don’t commit to interaction and view it all as a side show. I guess that’s exactly what it is. Step right up! See the Strange Old Guy play guitar!


I appreciate that I got paid well (not that I could negotiate) on a day I had open. And it was in my home town. Sold one CD. There ya go. As I said from the ‘stage’, “The money goes to my son’s tuition at Moravian. Here’s to being a musician supporting his kids in college.”


Tomorrow, my traditional First Night show at Godfrey’s. My good friend Dina Hall along with a really nice new guy Matt Kay. I’ll do an opening kids’ show at 7 pm and then we’ll do two sets of In The Round.