Welcome to the new year, big winter, no gigs. It’s funny that we celebrate when the temp is above 32. I’m looking at my book and it has two paying gigs until February. The school stuff has dwindled for several reasons, and we still feel the effects of the 2008 crash.


I am lucky I’ve made it through last year, relatively even. November was awful and so was April. Schools are reaching to the tests and are living tight to the belt. and that’s the way it is in our society. Arts? Homeland Security? Are you kidding?


I made enough money to pay for Jaimie’s tuition at Moravian, and that money well spent.


I got out my CD Playground thanks to Linny Fowler’s grant and my good friends and musicians who played on it for cheap. Now I can make money on it and give it to my friends. It’s a mighty album.


The Dave Bromberg/John Gorka concert in June at the IceHouse saved my ass and my teeth. The community gathered to support me and my health and got a great concert, too. I’ve been able to take care of medical and dental bills without fear. That’s something I have not been able to do. But the biggest part was the tremendous feeling of support from an incredible spectrum of people in LV, GD and touring musicians. I needed that at this point in my post-divorce period.


My non-paying gigs are legend, now. WDIY’s Live at Godfrey Daniels and Sunday Folk, children’s hospitals in Philly with Ansel, Godfrey’s sound and emcee work, various local jams, etc. I work for cheap and, apparently, for nothing. It keeps me sane, especially when there are fewer gigs


A nice set of CT gigs this weekend, though. It’ll be good to see my friends in my old home state.