RockRoots had two assemblies in two different schools in Asbury, NJ. It’s the second small district in Western NJ that has booked us for the MS and the ES in the same day. Today they were both in the morning.


We were lucky in that it snowed yesterday and they had school today. It’s hard to lose a snowday gig. But the countryside was beautiful as we made it from one school to the other.


The first gig was at the MS at in the gym at 8:30 am. The kids were great and we went over really well. In fact, the custodian raved as he took down the chairs. (You take the reviews that you can…) Early in the show we play an Irish jig, ask if there is anyone who takes step lessons. Usually, there are a few girls, some of whom come up and dance. Today, a boy came up, and he blew us all away. He knew what he was doing. (Sometimes in middle schools, a goofy guy will come up and hop around..) This kid was the real deal.


We packed up and headed up the snowy hills to the ES for the 10:30 show. Again we were in the gym, with the kids on the floor this time. When we asked for Irish dancers, this time about nine girls came up and danced. I commented that a boy came up at the MS, and one of the girls said, “That’s my brother!”


After the show we had an interesting comment from one of the teachers. She said that the pregnant teacher sitting next to her could feel the baby move while we were playing. How ’bout that?


Two shows in and home by 12:30.