This annual gig is special in several ways. It’s pretty posh, with an incredible array of food, deserts, fine service and all the fixings. They do it right. I’m glad I can add the personal musical touches, especially for the kids and their extended families. They pay me very well and continue to hire me, and look for more ways for me to perform in the future.


My friend Jack McGavin was hired as Santa, so it was cool to come over to say hello and have Santa say, “Hello, Dave Fry.”


I did two two hour sets, a 9 am sitting and a 12:30 sitting. The first one was less attended but was active with roughly 4 to 8  kids active, but parents and grandparents watching from the tables. The second was fuller and I had more kids to work with. Lots of Christmas dresses, especially on the toddlers. Nice to see them ‘puttin’ on the style’.


It’s nice to have a mix of Christmas folk-rocky tunes to go with the new kids’ tunes, especially the uptempo ones that the kids like to play instruments on, dance for the grandparents. I was surprised I only sold a few CD’s, but that’s the new market, and few asked for my card. Still, I’m grateful for the extra cash to put gas in the tank.


It was a nice drive home in the snow through my old Macungie stomping grounds. A long day (7:30 til 3:30, door to door) with 4 hours of performing. A good day doing what I do and getting paid a righteous wage for a change.


Trickle down gig. And glad for it.