Ansel Barnum rounded up another visit to a children’s hospital in Philly on Tuesday, so off we went on a whirlwind tour of several wards. The first leg was in the intensive care unit. Several tiny babies, some older kids with sever disabilities, all with concerned and caring moms tending to their children. We tended to do quieter stuff, and the appreciation was palpable, though subdued.


We then headed to some other wards with more family situations, brothers, dads, and other relatives. Again, the reaction was positive though relatively somber. Some kids were afraid to react while others smiled broadly, clapped hands. I thought perhaps the interaction was too intense for some of the kids; one girl shielded her eyes from us, almost afraid to smile.


All in all, it was a good experience, especially for Ansel, as he is getting used to these situations, but the guide mentioned that sometimes things are giddy and sometimes relatively blue. I guess tonight was the latter.