CBW is a novel approach to engaging inner city teens after school. The kids work on repairing some beat up bikes donated to the shop, and they get to keep the bike. Essentially, it engages the kids in constructive time management, group activities and all that good stuff.


I returned to this after-school center in Allentown for another session with the kids, this time to do some actually songwriting. I had in mind to explore the process of working on a bike and putting it together like Jelly in the Dish, a progressive exercise. We started with Wheel, Frame, Chain, Handbars, Seat, Bike, making up small verses on each, adding motions, etc.


I imagine that we can record the tune after we shape it up, video tape it, get it on the site’s web page. Hopefully, the kids will take ownership of it.


Today, though, the kids slogged through it, some drifted away, some took it on. Basically, they were teens. I tried to challenge them, and some took me up and some walked away. It was hard work, but I’m going to see it through.I’ll type up the words, put the music in and give them a working CD and see where we go from here.


I’m essentially auditioning for a gig here, since there seems to be some money in after-school programming, especially with some corporate sponsorship. We’ll see how it goes.