I was asked to do a mini-assembly at a local ES (Farmersville, PA) on my way back from Ridgewood, NJ. It was a ‘rewards’ assembly for about 20 kids who participated in a creative arts program over the summer. Some kids took photos, wrote a story, painted a picture, etc. It gave me 30 minutes to exhibit Artfulness, and stress what doing Art can do for yourself. These were obviously hip kids, and Wendy Borst’s music class joined in, so we had a good session.


I sat on the lip of the stage and did it acoustically. Cat Came Back, Jelly, Giants, plus old faves PB and J, Tutti Tah. A nice change of pace and very much a workshop atmosphere that is always different, challenging and satisfying.


Small paycheck but not shabby for a Monday afternoon in the fall.