We played in Ridgewood back in September and have booked four or five other schools in the district. We headed back to this north Jersey town for a pleasant doubleheader at an ES. The first show was for the K – 2nd grades, and it was their first assembly of the year. They were somewhat shy, and I had to tell them that an audience should applaud after each song. But, none the less, they got into it. The second show was for the 3rd through 5th grades and they had no problem reacting. All for the good.


It’s a long trip (close to two hours, with morning traffic) but I remain impressed with the lads in the band, hitting the road before 6:30 am to get to the gig by 9 am. … and remain upbeat and professional. Cool.


The principal did something unique. She dismissed the older classes by asking questions about the show, making the kids think about the points we made during the show. I should print up something like this for distribution post-gig for the teachers.