Another pre-dawn set up not far from home, two blocks away on Packard Ave. at Lehigh, across from Packard Lab, a very familiar building in my distant Lehigh past (at least 45 years ago). I set up amongst the LU Runners Club who were there to hand out water to the runners as they came by. I told the organizing student that I had gone to Lehigh, and the word spread to the other 25 students. Once I got the sound set up and running, I warned them that they should study hard or become what I had become.


This race was the real deal, the half marathon. Our site was early in the race so they hit the avenue shortly after 8 am. Hundreds of folks came by while I was playing, grabbing water from the students and tossing the cups to the curb. I came close to being splashed several times, but, again, many folks clapped and gave me thumbs up. Good, good energy.


I played straight through from before 8 am til the last runner passed through at 8:30. And I was done. Cool.


Flint Hill Farm this afternoon.