I was my fall visit to Flint Hill Farm for a hour set outside the barn, part of the larger farm tour in the valley. The sun was shining and the flies were flying and so we set up some hay bales. I broke out the bag o’ toys and plowed in on my songs. Kids, families partook along with Dina Hall and Mike Holliday. It only seemed natural to have these friends sit in. All the barn cats found warm places to bask in the sun in my guitar case and in the instrument bag. All was good.


One little girl put on the duck hand puppet and while we we singing Skip to My Lou, it dawned on me to have the duck sing the chorus, in duck, of course. she hadn’t been singing up to this point (often the kids are so wrapped up in the instruments that they can’t concentrate on two musical things at once), so she softly quacked the chorus. I said that it wasn’t good enough, and then she caught on and found her voice. She proceeded to add other vocal leads in that song and several that followed. An interesting glimpse into feeling comfortable using her voice.


I got paid in fresh (I mean fresh) mozzarella cheese and spent a fine fall afternoon playing in the sun. A nice second chapter to the day. Open Mike tonight.