It was 40 degrees when I left 4th Street and headed, pre-dawn, for the first of two days of playing for runners. Harvest moon setting over the Moravian Church downtown. Nice.


There were two shorter races scheduled in town for Saturday, a 5K and and a 10K, so I was set up in front of the City Center for the 8:00 and the 9:30 races. The generator for my sound didn’t work so I went acoustic. Not really a problem, but I had to set up in front of a wall to help project the music.


The first race was a particularly friendly crowd of folks, many clapping hands and shouting out to me as they passed by. As I’m finding out in these gigs, I can play one song for a while, repeating verses, since the audience is quickly out of sight and hearing. Chuckle, chuckle…. It was about a 30 minute set


The second group was different in that they looped back past me, so I was on hand to play for an hour. I took it upon myself to loop myself and not stop in between songs. So I’d sing one song and try to find another one in the same rhythm, change key, any thing to keep the music going. I ended up playing for about an hour non-stop and I started to feel it at the end. Another experiment in performance.


All in all, it was about a four hour gig on site, so I treated myself to breakfast at the old Blue Anchor afterwards.


Tomorrow, another early start.