I had to privilege of doing a set for the 90th Hahn reunion north of Nazareth on Sunday afternoon.  I had been suggested by some folks who have seen me before so they thought I could pull it off. Roughly 60 or so folk, mostly adults with two ladies (cousins Mildred and Luci) in their 99th year. Not so many kids so I had to play my ‘adult’ stuff, which, of course, involves my kids’ stuff. It turned out very nicely, with lots of chuckles and interesting moments. I was told by one woman that the folks she was worried about were smiling broadly at the end. Amazing.


One moment occurred in the middle of the set- the host approached me and said that a red Honda was blocking the ambulance entrance, ….and it turned out to be me.


I remarked several times of how precious families and their histories are in our lives, and this was evident today. Great pictures of school classes, houses, family trees, etc.


I was introduced to Luci, who’s 99th birthday is in three days. She shook my hand and it was strong and sure. I was surprised and pleased. She had a good time. So did I.