I was asked by Santa’s wife (long story) to play for a family day event at St. Mark’s Church in Bethlehem Township. It was low key affair with members of the church community playing sets of music under a small tent with various kids’ activities happening out in the open field. It was a small crowd, but some of my family fans were on hand to play with me.


It was lots of fun, as usual, and the fellow who supplied the sound system, and was a member of the church community, sat in on guitar and beat box and did a fine job on tunes he didn’t know. It’s truly magic when you ‘know’ that a player can sit in, listen and play along. The brain waves connect through the music, and though we never have met, the connection was there and real. It was an extra dimension added to the performance that I appreciated and I think others felt as well.


It was a good gig. And I took off to do some pickin’ and grinnin’ with friends later on at two parties on a particularly beautiful late summer afternoon and evening. A full and rich day of music, and as good as it gets on this small scale.