The first leg of my whirlwind tour in CT in my old home town of Madison, CT. I’m getting know the vendors a little better and I got some tips from the cheese lady and the lettuce guy at the end.


It’s another unplugged gig which suits me well, and it on a shaded green. It was a good day for the vendors and several families took some time to hang out and let the kids play.


One interaction was really cool. As some younger kids were gathered around the bog o’ toys, a mom and an older boy came up and watched. I could see he really wanted to do something but was justifiably uncomfortable in joining in with the kids. I noticed his mom holding his basketball, and he was in his b’ball gear (though with matching flip flops – I never got to ask him how they worked out on the court).


It dawned on me that he could dribble to the beat, and I started into Jelly in the Dish which has a certain street beat to it. And he went right to it, in and out of his legs, close to the ground and he nailed it. We made it work and we connected musically, personally and creatively. This would make a great video, and linked a playground song with the urban beat and an off-beat take on rhythm instruments. It seem exactly folk. 


I finished up and headed for Ron’s for a picking party. Why not keep playing?