My first Thumbtack internet gig for a family from CT in Stone Harbor for the week. Big anniversary for the elders with lots of teens and adults in town for the day. They wanted some Irish and folk so I started out with mandolin tunes as folks gathered, played a mix of other folk as people mixed and then a listening set after dinner. It turned out nicely for a nice group of people.


A couple of connections. I was talking with one gent from Dallas and I asked if he knew about Poor David’s in that town, a venue the size of Godfrey’s, and one I’ve talked to other traveling pros about. He said, sure. Another couple of fellows had gone to Lehigh, and one knew about Musikfest, and, interestingly enough, Godfrey’s. It was amazing to be so far from my usual gigs and locale that some one would bring up GD’s, had been there, and then find out that I was the founder. Pretty cool all around.


As per usual, I didn’t know may requests – James Taylor, hard core Irish, Buffett, Battle of New Orleans, American Pie, but the folks liked the overall treatment. I seemed to have dodged the ‘commercial’ or ‘popular’ folk covers all these years and have had to rely on playing good songs well. I am a rarity.


Finished with God Bless America, a tune that’s nice on the guitar and folks know the words. 


A long day on the road, but worth the trip to play music for new people. Bath Farmers’ Market tomorrow for a change of pace.